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Mother's Milk Measurement

düce is a hand-held vacuum cleaner.

This project was designed during my first year as a final project in three courses: Morphology, Color and Modelling, at Shenkar College, 2018.

My vision was to design a hand held vacuum cleaner that fits in homes of our days, a vacuum cleaner that blends as an everyday object in the house and feels natural in its environment. I wanted to take the vacuum cleaner out of the closet and have it displayed as part of the house.

I took the capsule shape as the base of my design. I wanted to make a few minimal morphological moves that would give the product an interesting new shape and would give the user a new experience with a known everyday product. I wanted to design a product that would not have the known and familiar appearance of a vacuum cleaner and that would make you want to put it on display. 

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